Wholesale Nursey

Welcome to JB Nursery, a division of JB Instant Lawn, Inc! With quality and service as our foundation, we have three distinct ways we can fill your needs at your wholesale nursery, retail garden center or on your next landscape project!

Nursery Stock Locater Service

Because we realize that your needs are diverse and that finding A-1 quality plant material all year long is a challenge, we would like to introduce you to our Nursery Locater Service. How it works is simple, but used properly it can save you time, energy and money as you try to meet the needs of your customers. What we do is send out knowledgeable buyers to pre-select plant material that we determine will be of interest to you. We then have two large holding yards, one at our Redmond, WA location and one at our Silverton, OR location where the plant material is stored awaiting your needs. When you send us a bid, we source your request either from our holding yards or from the finest nursery growers available. Since we are not tied to one grower exclusively you are assured that your order will be filled out more complete and with the very best nursery stock available in today's market. Also, we can help you arrange trucking for a jobsite delivery if desired saving you time and labor. Discounts may apply to larger orders and volume customers.

Please take a look at our current in-stock availability at our Redmond or Silverton location available now on-line. If you would like us to hold plant material for you to pick-up please give us a call and it will pull it for you given a 24 hour notice.