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Fall Leaves and Lawn Damage

Oct 16th, 2019

Fall is a lovely time of year!! All those changing colors and crisp air... ahhh nice :)

Unfortunately- it is also a time of year when we see some of the worst lawn damage.

The culprit? The leaves falling from those beautiful trees we have been admiring.

Leaves can absolutely cover and choke a lawn out in short order- and is especially bad in combination with wet weather.

If not removed- leaves block available light and air movement. When wet- the lawn can become smothered and lack oxygen as well- and the lawn can begin to die off or thin out.

Be ready to remove those leaves from the lawn areas as often as possible during those fall months!

If you don't have time to clean up and dispose of all the leaves on the same day- that's ok! You can always rake or blow the leaves off of the lawn and into a reasonable spot for later pick up.

A leaf-free lawn is a much happier lawn and will usually handle those winter months much much better.


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