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JB Nursery Spotlight Plants!!

Apr 27th, 2020

The JB Nursey is loaded with fantastic plants and trees for the landscape and we have decided to share some information many of our favorites :) 

Todays Spotlight includes:


Vine Maple (Acer circinatum)

As a native to the PNW - this tree is a solid performer adding beautiful and uplifting foliage and structure. 

Often with interesting trunk form and bright green leaves - changing to yellows, oranges and reds in Fall.

Vine Maples are considered small/medium trees that are very managable and fit many types of landscapes...


'Eddie's White Wonder' Dogwood (Cornus nuttallii x florida)

Wonder-Full indeed! This hybrid Dogwood tree creates insanely bold flowers that make a serious statement wherever they planted.

Eddie's White Wonder is a bit more upright than some of the other Dogwood options out there and can be the perfect fit in many situations.

This Small/Medium size mid-Spring bloomer also has great resistance to disease issues!


Ginko "Autumn Gold" (Ginko biloba)

Ginko trees are prehistoric and graceful trees- and the "Autumn Gold" variety is just stunning!

This is a good choice as a shade or street tree and grows to an average of 40' tall by 25-30' wide over time...

Golden yellow leaves in fall that can also create an amazing golden carpet when falling to the canopy floor.


Be sure to consider these Spotlight trees on your next project and visit our nusery availability section available online!

Until next time - stay safe and stay well!











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