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Grass Seed Storage and Shelf Life

May 5th, 2016

I am often asked about storing grass seed and how long the seed will be 'good'.

To answer the first part of this question- When it comes to storing seed my suggestion would be:

  • Store the seed in a cool dry space for extended viability.

  • Keep the seed elevated to avoid pests.

Answering the second part of this question is a bit more obscure- but my suggestion would be:

  • Try to purchase seed you intend to use within a years time. (though I consider grass seed properly stored to be 'fresh' up to two years)

  • After two years in storage- the seed will slowly begin to decline by an average of about 10% per year. (give or take)

  • Always compensate with 'fresh' seed as needed during applications or adjust rates with storage time as a consideration.

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