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Turfgrass Selection for your Lawn

Apr 1st, 2019

Choosing the right turfgrass for your new lawn is crucial to insuring years of aesthetic and functional satisfaction.

While there are many types of cool season grasses that can be grown here in the Western Oregon and Washington- many have characteristics not suited for base lawn use over time.

Bluegrass is a good example of this-

A popular turfgrass in the Northeast that people often inquire about- but struggles with our acidic soils and tends to have more weather/disease related problems here in the PNW.

The Solution- 

*Our JB Signature three-way Perennial Ryegrass has been the perfect alternative when looking for many of the same attributes as bluegrass- soft fine texture, rich green color, etc..


Here are some considerations when looking for the right sod product for a new lawn:

  1. Quick establishment.
  2. Pest and disease resistance.
  3. Aesthetics and Function.
  4. Adaptability.
  5. Soil type.
  6. Site specific needs.
  7. Maintenance requirements.

Fortunately, after decades of growing and experimenting with different grasses- JB Instant Lawn has taken out the guess work for you and offers three outstanding base products that establish quickly and deliver stellar results here in Western Oregon and Washington!

  • JB Signature Ryegrass
  • JB Kevlar Tall Fescue 
  • JB Pacific Northwest.



These three tried and true sod products have proven themselves to deliver year after year - creating the foundation of many beautiful and successful lawns.

*Better still- JB Instant lawn offers several lawn-seed products that will match and/or enhance your lawn once established!


To best figure out which of these sod and seed products are the best fit for your new lawn- check out these informative links below :)



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