1 pallet is 480 sqft.

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JB Premium Sod
Sod tailored for your Pacific Northwest lawn
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JB Premium Sod

JB Premium sod is comprised of grass varieties hand selected for proven performance in the Northwest. They have been proven to outperform other grasses in the cool, damp Pacific Northwest climate. All of our sod contains degradable netting that will break down over time. JB has premium seed to match each type of sod.

JB Premium sod is available in 8 square feet rolls (24"x 48"). The sod is cut by machine and rolled with soil facing out and delivered on pallets of 480 square feet each. Minimum delivery is one pallet.



JB Perennial Ryegrass Sod is 3 way blend of 100% Perennial Ryegrasses which are specifically recommended for this area.

  • Sunny (minimum 6 hours direct sunlight)
  • Winter hardy
  • Good green color
  • Fine blade, dense turf
  • Better adaptation to cool, damp climates
  • Disease resistant



JB Kevlar LS Tall Fescue Sod is 3 way blend of 100% Tall Fescue which are specifically recommended for this area.

  • Truly Eco-friendly with the lower Nitrogen requirement, drought resistance.
  • Sunny to slight shade (minimum 5-6 hours direct sunlight)
  • Adapts to varying site conditions
  • Produces a deep root system and aggressively generates tillers, shoots and rhizomes to improve wear tolerance and hasten recuperation from injury
  • Attributes contribute to a more dense, improved turf quality throughout the growing season
  • Drought tolerant

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