1 pallet is 480 sqft.

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Turfmend Tall Fescue

Available in Oregon & Washington
stock code: tmtf8
( 8lb)
stock code: tmtf35
( 35lb)

Our professional grade lawn patch and repair product. A combination of JB Signature Seed and Turfmend. Turfmend is a unique blend of granulated compost and peat moss designed to retain moisture and enhance nutrients.

  • JB Tall Fescue Grass Seed (100% 3 way blend of Tall Fescue)
  • 8lb and 35lb bags
  • JB Signature Seed quality you’ve come to expect
  • 8lb covers approximately 95 square feet and 35lb covers approximately 425 square feet
  • Ready to go just spread over spot and keep moist
  • Enhances moisture and nutrient retention
  • Improves plant growth throughout seed lifespan

TurfMend Instructions

Remove Dead Grass


Remove debris and then rake to loosen heavy soils and smooth top layer. If needed, add a layer of topsoil and work into the first few inches of existing soil.

Apply TurfMend Evenly


Apply Turfmend with JB Signature Seed to prepared area.

Keep Moist


Keep the area moist at all times. Water daily until grass reaches 3" tall.


Mow when grass reaches 3". Never mow more than 1/3 of a blade at a time. The removal of all clippings is recommended.

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